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Choosing Calor LPG to power your forklift trucks has some really interesting benefits for your business.

Whether its being able to operate inside or out, handle difficult terrain or having trucks that don’t lose power and take minutes to refuel, Calor LPG can reduce downtime and increase your efficiencies.

We also have some genuis innovations as well, including: Magnatract® technology in every cylinder, Telemetry® auto gas ordering, ‘memory plastic’ dip tubes, and even unique safety test date stamps on every cylinder.

And to top it all off, LPG is cleaner and greener than electric or diesel powered forklifts, with lower carbon emmissions, as well as being free of lead and soot.

Magnatract® Technology
In each and every Calor forklift cylinder, we install Magnatract® Technology. This is a unique innovation to Calor, and is in place to reduce the risk of fragmented metal particles within the cylinder from blocking the valve, which could interrupt fuel supply.

Memory Plastic Dip Tubes
All LPG forklift cylinders contain dip tubes which pull LPG into the forklift engine – except Calor cylinders contain dip tubes that are different. They are manufactured from ‘Memory Plastic’ which, unlike steel, is designed for flexibility and will never fracture. Our dip tubes, alongside the Magnatract® Technology, ensures the internal engineering of our cylinders reduce the risk of interruptions to your business.

Cylinder safety test date stamp
Calor takes safety very seriously. In fact, so much so that each and every forklift cylinder is individually date stamped to show us when its next safety test is due.

Think Tank® Telemetry
Calor’s Think Tank ® is a genius way to ensure you dont have to worry about running out of gas. It is a clever little device fitted to your bulk tank installation which monitors the amount of gas in the tank. When the gas gets to a certain level it sends us a note here at Calor and we come out with a top of. Genius!

Fixed Fuel Tanks
Calor have developed Fixed Fuel Tanks. These are 44 litre and 56 litre re-fillable tanks that can be attached to the rear of LPG trucks. So what is so clever about that? Well larger capacity tanks mean less downtime compared to the traditional 29 litre re-fillable cylinders, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Customer training
Calor can offer its customers professional LPG training, on or off site. This ensures a safer environment all round.

Emergency support
Calor can offer its customer emergency call outs, 24/7 365 days a year, giving you total peace of mind about your LPG supply.

Engineering support
Calor has its own in-house engineering division, CalorForce, ensuring that should you have any technical issues concerning your LPG supply, help is never far away.

Customer Service
Calor score consistently high levels of customer satisfaction on safety, delivery and price. This is confirmed by national surveys carried out by and independent body between 2004-2008.*

LPG supply never far away
With the largest fleet of LPG delivery tankers, around 40 Calor Centres delivering cylinders and over 10,000 gas stockists around the country, LPG is never far away. Not only that, we have regional Calor customer service centres ready to take your call and help you out wherever they can.