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Mainmark Ground Engineering (UK) Ltd

  • Address: 421 Bedford Heights, Brickhill Drive, Bedford
  • Postal Code: MK14 7PH
  • Phone: 020 3355 9711
  • Website:
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Mainmark Ground Engineering is here to help you solve your subsidence, settlement and ground stabilisation challenges. We can repair cracks in buildings, slabs of warehouses that have sunk and are uneven, ground that is not strong or stable enough to support foundations, highways or railways. Warehouses often suffer from settlement resulting in floor slopes that are unacceptable for automatic high-bay forklift stacking devices and other similar operations. We bring the buildings back to the acceptable levels.

Mainmark’s work uses techniques likened to ‘key hole surgery’. The work is carried out with the minimum of disruption to the occupant. In many cases the occupant can remain in occupation of the warehouse throughout the remediation process.