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  • Address: 64 Boston Road, Beaumont Leys, Leicester
  • Postal Code: LE4 1AW
  • Phone: 0116 234 5005
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METTLER TOLEDO is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial weighing equipment and one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of product inspection technology, with nearly a century of product innovation and industry leadership. Our extensive product range includes:

• Industrial scales
• Weighing terminals
• Weighbridges
• Checkweighers
• Metal Detection
• X-ray Inspection
• Dimensioning equipment

Products with Universal Appeal
METTLER TOLEDO produces a broad range of precise weighing equipment and systems with accuracies to one tenth of a millionth of a gramme and capacities of up to hundreds of tonnes, as well as instruments which measure a multitude of values in a host of analytical techniques. – Our products are widely used throughout industry, commerce and science – in chemical plants, food processing operations, baking, brewing, engineering, electronics, education, healthcare, research, retail, textiles and many more areas.

Industrial Weighing
In production and industrial areas, robust industrial scales and weighing systems can be used to weigh stationary and moving loads from a few kilogrammes to several hundred tonnes. Load cells, platforms and indicators can all be inter-linked and controlled for complete industrial weighing systems and are also available in ‘Ex’ versions.

We offer a complete range of accurate vehicle scales, accessories, and services, built to survive in any work environment. For a variety of industries including aggregates, waste & recycling, mining, construction and chemical, the weighbridges and matched industry leading weighbridge electronics are designed for long life.

We also provide a wide range of software and the ability to connect to peripheral equipment, computers and LIMS. We can help you comply with GLP or GMP and a host of national and international quality standards.