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  • Address: 30 Stilebrook Road, Olney, Buckinghamshire
  • Postal Code: MK46 5EA
  • Phone: +44 (0)1234 712345
  • Website:
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Traka is a company full of creative ideas. The Traka system has evolved from many years working closely with some of the world’s largest corporations. Tried and tested, it is in use 24 hours a day every day of the year all around the world. Yet its development is still ongoing as new opportunities arise. Read about the Traka Immobilisor which makes the Traka key fob into an intelligent key for Mechanical Handling Equipment, Plant, Commercial vehicles and many other business assets. If your business needs key control, talk to us, the experts.

Traka is used extensively in the UK and in over 30 countries worldwide. Our market sectors span many industries and include: Distribution and MHE Management; Fleet Management in Police, Road Haulage and Car Dealerships; Property Access Control in Prisons, Secure Units, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Universities and Managed Accommodation; Equipment, Asset Management and Control in Casinos, Petrochemical, Mining, Airports, Docks, Railways, Quarries, Military and Emergency Services.

Traka has an extensive network of oversea’s distributors providing sales, consultancy, installation and support services for our customer base outside the UK.